.RU - Preconfigured Nameservers

The .RU registry requires that name servers are properly preconfigured before delegating the domain. This rule applies to both domain registrations and updates, replacing name servers.

The name servers can be checked with the CheckDNS command. For example:



Technical name server requirements

The testing procedure carried out by the registry is as follows:

  1. The IP address is specified for each DNS-server in the list: first by TCP protocol, then by UDP protocol.
  2. It is necessary to verify whether the specified DNS-server name is not a synonym (CNAME).
  3. A SOA record for the particular domain name will be requested from each DNS-server, specified in the request, and from each of its IP addresses, first by UDP, then by TCP.
    SOA records in all DNS servers should be identical, the server response should be authorized.
  4. The accuracy of the contact e-mail address in the SOA record will be verified.
  5. DNS servers lists for a domain name received from all DNS servers will be compared to the list specified in the request. These lists should be identical.

Important: The .RU registry is very strict regarding the email address in the SOA record. They adhere to RFC 1033 and RFC 1912, so a dot should be used instead of the @ sign. Otherwise, the name server delegation will fail with error "Invalid hostmaster address in SOA record".

Full list of types of error messages can be found at:

Automatic handler diagnostics in case of failed DNS-server testing

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