.SI - Preconfigured Nameservers

The .SI registry requires that name servers are properly preconfigured before delegating the domain. This rule applies to both domain registration and modification of name servers.

The registry provides a web-based tool to check the DNS setup for a domain. The test shows whether there are setup errors for one or more name servers:


You can check each name server, one by one:



Requirements for DNS Delegation

Basic technical requirements:

  • For each domain name there must be one primary and at least one secondary server. We recommend that at least one secondary server be located at a different site.
  • Domain name data must include an SOA (Start of Authority) record. The data on the domain server in the SOA must be the name of the primary server. The serial number and the time intervals must conform to general Internet recommendations.
  • Under Internet standards on electronic mail, the address "postmaster" (e.g. postmaster@example.si) must be operational, so MX records for the domain must be defined.
  • NS records must refer to operating DNS servers. All domain data on all servers must match.
  • Nameservers for a specific domain name listed in the registry (Arnes) must match actual records on the authoritative nameservers for the particular domain name.

Recommended values for SOA records

Refresh 8 hours (28,800 seconds)
Retry 2 hours (7,200 seconds)
Expire 7 days (604,800 seconds)
Time To Live 1 day (86,400 seconds)

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