How to Get Started as a CentralNic Reseller

Step 1: Sign Up

  1. Online Registration: Visit the CentralNic Reseller registration page to create your account. ( In order to sign-up, you need to register or transfer at least 100 domains within a year.
  2. Initial Setup: After creating your account, complete your registrar data and load your account with a minimum of 75 EUR (80 USD) using one of the available payment methods (credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal) to activate your account and start using our services.

Step 2: Account Verification

  1. Pending Status: Your account will initially show as “pending”. Complete your registrar data and load the initial payment to change your status.
  2. Verification Process: An Account Manager will contact you to verify details, such as your expected domain registration volumes and other services of interest. If you have urgent needs, please contact us ( directly through our contact page for assistance.

Step 3: Account Funding

  1. Pre-Payment System: CentralNic Reseller operates on a pre-payment basis. Ensure your account has sufficient funds to cover domain registrations. The available payment methods include credit card payments, wire transfers, and PayPal.
  2. Activate TLDs: In the control panel, navigate to ‘Domains -> Domain Prices’ to activate the TLDs you wish to register. Activation is necessary to register/manage domains in those zones. 

Step 4: Integration and Automation

  1. API Access: We provide multiple API gateways (EPP, HTTPs, SMTP, XRRP, SOAP/XML-RPC) for seamless integration and automation of domain registrations. (
  2. Control Panel: Utilize our multilingual control panel for managing domains, SSL certificates, hosting services, and more. The panel supports bulk operations, intuitive UI features like infinite scrolling, and right-click options for quick actions.
  3. WHMCS Module: If you use WHMCS, a dedicated module is available for integration, allowing you to sell domains and other services directly through your WHMCS platform.  (

Step 5: Security and Support

  1. Account Security: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account using the Google Authenticator/Microsoft Authenticator app. Restrict access to the control panel and API by whitelisting specific IP addresses.
  2. Support: We provide dedicated support through email and phone, with access to extensive documentation and real-time assistance.

Step 6: Customization and Management

  1. Customization: Customize your dashboard, set renewal and transfer behaviours, and manage WHOIS banners. Adjust global and individual account settings to fit your business needs.
  2. Billing and Invoices: Invoices are automatically generated and sent by email. You can view financial overviews, manage accounting, and handle payments directly through the control panel.
  3. Notifications and Newsletters: Make sure to leave an email address for our notifications and newsletters. Notifications include maintenance times, and newsletters have price increase announcements.

Step 7: Expanding Your Services

  1. Additional Services: We offer a wide range of services like SSL certificates, domain security (e.g., WHOIS privacy, TMCH services), domain aftermarket and auction sales, and more.
  2. Sub-Reseller System: Set up a hierarchical sub-reseller system to manage your resellers, offering them customizable settings and services.

By following these steps, you can effectively start and manage your domain reselling business with CentralNic Reseller, leveraging our robust technology, extensive support, and wide range of services.

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