WHMCS - DNS Templating Addon


WHMCS Addon for automatic DNS zone creation upon domain registration.

This addon allows you to predefine DNS zone templates to be used when a new domain is being registered with DNS management. For example, you might want to direct that to a default website. Or, if the domain is assigned to a hosting product, use a specific zone for that product.


  • Manage DNS zones for your domains you have with our brands
  • Currenctly supported registrar modules: ISPAPI and CentralNic Reseller
  • Define a global zone, to be applied to all new domain registrations
  • Define zones for specific hosting products, to be applied when registering a domain belonging to a hosting product
  • Manually bulk apply any template to a select number of domains
  • Supports A, AAAA, MX, MXE, CNAME, TXT and SRV records
  • Supports WHMCS specific URL and FRAME record types for the website redirection feature


In our system requirements, we recommend avoiding PHP versions that have reached their End of Life (EOL), as indicated in red on the PHP Supported Versions page.

To ensure compatibility with WHMCS, please follow these steps:

Ensure to have the below packages installed on your WHMCS Server:

  • curl
  • php-curl
  • One of the following registrar modules installed and enabled:
    • ISPAPI
    • CentralNic Reseller

Please note: We ensure compatibility with the latest WHMCS version and the maximum versions of the listed software dependencies. While our modules may still function with older PHP versions like PHP 7.4, we don’t provide support for them and cannot guarantee their continued compatibility. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us.

Installation / Upgrade

Read the article "WHMCS - Module Installation & Upgrade". We are shipping all Modules as part of our Software Bundle.

Addon activation

  • Open the WHMCS Admin Area navigate to System Settings > Addon Modules
  • Find CNIC DNS and click on Activate
  • Click on Configure and make sure to configure Access Control as needed


  • Open the WHMCS Admin Area
  • From the Addons menu, select CNIC DNS
  • The list of configured zones will appear


Create a zone template

  • Select the Templates tab
  • Click on the Add button
  • A modal will appear


Fill out the form:

  • Name: this can be anything that helps you identify the template
  • Zone: this should contain the template with a predefined syntax (see below)
  • Products/Services: if you want the template to apply to specific hosting products, select them here
  • Instructions: clicking here will show hints for the template syntax
  • Set as global default: if enabled, the template will act as default for any domain.


Write one record per line in this format:

<hostname> <type> <address> (<priority>)
  • Type should one of the following: A, AAAA, MX, MXE, CNAME, TXT, SRV, URL, FRAME
  • You can use ‘@’ for getting the domain name
  • You can use ‘%ip%’ for assigning the IP based on the server
  • Priority is only necessary for MX records


@ A %ip%
www CNAME @
mail A
@ MX mail.@ 10

Bulk apply a template

  • Select the Bulk Apply tab
  • A table will appear with all active domains that have DNS management enabled and are assigned to a supported registrar module
  • Tick the checkboxes next to all domains you wish to apply a template to
  • Click on the Apply button
  • A modal will appear in which you can select the template you wish to apply
  • Click on Apply in the modal
  • You can now track the progress for each domain in the modal box
  • Should any error occur, you may consult the WHMCS Activity Log by selecting the Logs tab



The decision making process that establishes if and which zone template will be automatically applied to a domain, follows this flow chart:


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