Web-forwarding - How to create it

You can use the CentralNic Reseller DNS service for a web-forwarding to a different website, for example, a redirection of different company domains to the main website.



Control Panel

The creation of web-forwardings requires the existence of respective DNS zone in CentralNic Reseller system. If the DNS zone does not exist, it needs to be created first via "Hosted DNS" -> "DNS Zones" -> "Add new DNS Zone". Enter the domain name that should be forwarded to a different website and click "Create DNS Zone".


In the next step, enter the DNS zone configuration and select the "Webforwarding" tab.

Bildschirmfoto_2023-05-31_um_15.08.03.pngTo create a new web-forwarding, click on "Add new Webforwarding", enter the sub-domain that should be forwarded and the URL the domain should be forwarded to as the target. In the example below, the sub-domain www.webfwd-demo.com is forwarded to the .net domain (www.webfwd-demo.net).


There are two forwarding types available:

301 - a permanent redirect (target URL is shown in browser)

frame redirect - the redirect is done in a frame (the original URL is shown in browser)

The usage of the "301" variant is recommended.


Additional option:

Keep URI path - if enabled, the URI path is kept in the forwarding. In the example above,  www.webfwd-demo.com/shop/de-de would be forwarded to www.webfwd-demo.net/shop/de-de

If the option is disabled, the forwarding is done to the exact target URL and the path is removed:

www.webfwd-demo.com/shop/de-de -> www.webfwd-demo.net 


The newly created web-forwarding is shown in the "Webforwardings" tab.


Additionally, the resulting A/AAAA records are listed on the "Resource Records" tab.




Web-forwardings can also be created via API using the command AddWebFwd:

SOURCE  = www.webfwd-demo.com
TARGET  = http://www.webfwd-demo.net
TYPE    = RD
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